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Not every company shares the same desires and requirements in terms of direct marketing software. Fortunately, with Re:Shark, every possibility is catered to.

You can use the Re:Shark software on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis, or you can opt for full campaign management from one of our experienced campaign managers.



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If you prefer to utilize the Re:Shark software and manage your own campaigns, our subscription is perfectly tailored to meet your needs.

The software is user-friendly; hence, after a brief onboarding process guided by one of our campaign managers, you will be equipped to elevate your direct marketing to unprecedented heights.

Receive 500 lead credits every month
Discover relevant companies and find the right decision makers
Create your own highly converting campaigns via LinkedIn or Email
Use AI to personalize your campaigns and skyrocket results
Use smart follow ups to increase conversion
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If you're looking to outsource your direct marketing campaigns in order to free up more time for your in-house staff, Re:Shark offers the ideal solution.

After collaborating on the best strategy for your campaign, a dedicated campaign manager will leverage their extensive knowledge of direct marketing and the Re:Shark software to optimize your results for your business.

Get a dedicated Campaign Manager
Reach out to 750 new contacts every month
Campaign (copy) creation, lead uploading, leads reviewing, smart follow ups, campaign monitoring and optimizing.

All done by your own dedicated Campaign Manager.
Get a consistent mailbox full of leads, every month
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All your data is securely encrypted, and only the necessary information is retrieved, ensuring a compliant environment.


Get a dedicated contact person. Premium support provided within one working day, guaranteed!


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Get answers to common questions

What is Re:Shark?

Re:Shark is a tool designed to help companies get the most out of their direct B2B marketing outreach.

How does Re:Shark work?

Re:Shark is a one-stop shop for direct B2B marketing. By combining the finding of relevant companies, targeting the right email addresses and automating the personalized campaigns, it becomes very easy for companies to quickly reach many relevant possible partners with a personalized message.

What are the key features of Re:Shark?

The key features of Re:Shark are:
- Finding the right companies to target
- Easily determine the right contacts within a company to reach out to
- Personalize the content of your outreach for the recipients
- Multichannel sequencing of direct marketing

All while staying in control of all your output!

Can I first test Re:Shark before selecting a package?

Absolutely! You can try out 50 credits for free, no creditcard required.

Do I need experience with email or LinkedIn marketing to use Re:Shark?

No, you do not need experience with email or LinkedIn marketing to use Re:Shark. The software has been designed to be very user-friendly. Furthermore, everywhere in the tool are informative pop-ups to explain what everything does and what is expected of the user.

What integrations does Re:Shark offer?

Re:Shark can be connected to a large number of relevant tools, these being:
- Gmail / Outlook
- Pipedrive
- Hubspot
- LinkedIn
- Slack
- Zapier
- Lemlist
- Instantly

How do I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

To upgrade or downgrade your subscription, it is advisable to call or email your contact within our organization. Together we can figure out the next steps regarding changing your subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, it is advisable to call or email your contact within our organization. Together we can figure out the next steps regarding cancelling your subscription.

Reviews from our satisfied customers

“Their unique way of adding personalization to the outreach has contributed to reaching a reply rate of over 43%.”

Frédéric Van de Calseyde
Head of Growth & Strategic Partnerships @ Shiftbase

“Re:Shark tripled (3x) the output of our SDR's and started off with a positive ROI right from the start.”

Bas Lemmens
CEO @ and President @ EMEA

“The cooperation with Re:Shark is very smooth. It's an effective way for us to get quantitative leads that we can convert into valuable customers.”

Barbara Braak
Commercial Manager @ Endeavour Heroes

“They've surpassed what I initially thought was possible in terms of lead generation.”

Nick Reineman
Owner & Commercial Director @ WBSO Software Specialist

“Re:Shark has exceeded my initial expectations regarding lead generation.”

Daan Zoetmulder
CMO @ Share Council

“Re:Shark's drive and vision really resonate with me - they're on an impressive trajectory!'”

Lotje Beernink
Sales & Partnership manager @ Makers Unite